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When Morning Beckons and Adventures Await

Preserving the world in all its charm, Phongthorn Poolruang looks to the world around him for all the inspiration he needs. He stumbled onto a love of nature through his lens two years ago; with landscapes and seascapes of every form drawing him in.

As the sun rises, Phongthorn follows. A new day fuels for new beginnings; this has become a key moment for him in his journey, as every sunrise holds a place in his heart. With the morning sun, Phongthorn ventures to the south of Thailand, to the island of Phuket. A similar journey like this was also one where he first taught himself to use a camera.

“Travelling is the most rewarding experience in my life, I like being able to take pictures and make memories. It is about sharing my view of the world and my experience with others.”

In doing so, Phongthorn feels as if he is on his way to fulfilling life dreams and keeping himself motivated with new encounters.

Whilst he usually focuses on sun strewn landscapes, the absence of light sparked his latest interest; capturing the Milky Way. Expanding his repertoire, he sees the sky in a whole new light once in the countryside. Patiently waiting, the clouds disperse to unveil a canvas littered in stars. These have quickly become his favourite images, particularly when he shot in ‘Talay Noi’ in the midst of a fresh water lake. “It makes me feel like I am travelling through a galaxy of a million stars.”

Before embarking on these excursions, Phongthorn tries to learn as much as possible ahead of time. Whether it is prepping for the location, route, weather or learning a new technique beforehand, he likes to be well versed in what to expect. It is his diligence in these moments that provides him with solid ground when out on the field.

His biggest challenge will always be the weather, with no way to fight against nature’s will, he is left to work with the best he has on hand. Over the years he has learn to quickly combat any disruptions, they key is all down to experience in the field.

No matter the conditions, Phongthorn is sure to bring his Nikon D750 and AF-S NIKKOR 14-24mm f/2.8G ED, with his tripod lending a steady hand for long exposure shots, whilst a lens filter is added to help manoeuvre through tricky lighting conditions and to enhance desired colour effects.

Still in the early days of his photography explorations, Phongthorn continues to experiment and seek out fresh subjects. Early this year he began capturing candid portraits of fishermen and plowboys, giving an intimate look at rural life in Thailand. As Thailand’s nature continues to flourish, Phongthorn continues to chase its beauty.

About Phongthorn

35-year-old Phongthorn Poolruang hails from Bangkok, Thailand. As an Art Director and Web Designer, creativity is in his everyday wheelhouse, he extends his creativity with his exploration of the world and the universe of photography.