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Finding Balance in Life and Photography

According to photographer Tom de Waart, life is all about balance. No matter where you look, you will find balance in a certain form. Equilibriums, symbiosis, ocean and land, winter and summer, day and night. Balance also plays a very important part in photography too.

Based out of Hong Kong, Tom grew up with the ambition of becoming a pilot, a traveller, and an adventurer trying to capture nature and the interactions that maintain its balance. He tries to show people the beauty of what this planet has to offer.

As a pilot, he is honest about his career having its advantages and disadvantages. Piloting planes involves lots of sitting down and is mainly indoors, and although he loves to fly, he felt like he was missing out. Growing up in the countryside of the Netherlands, Tom learnt to embrace the great outdoors. That’s why, outside working hours, he makes up for it by exploring, hiking and anything else that takes him out into the world.

‘‘Through photography I started to appreciate planet Earth so much more. From being at a fantastic viewpoint for 5 minutes, I now spend sometimes up to 3 hours to get that greatest light for my photos. It is definitely worth every second of it. Growing up in a part of the Netherlands where most people take life for what it is, makes me grateful for having this luxury and opportunity in life.’’

Tom believes photography and life is all about balance. “We consume oxygen and produce carbon dioxide in process. Plants and trees do the opposite, consume carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. Looking at nature and how it helps us survive is a way of seeing us being in symbiosis with our plants and trees. Even the smallest pieces of moss on top of rocks or plants that grow underwater allow us to live on this planet.”

This is why Tom encourages others to respect nature and keep it clean, so we can maintain the balance between human life, wildlife and nature. It is this reason that Tom endeavours to share the beauty of the natural world with his audience, so that future generations will be moved and influenced to maintain and protect our precious eco-system.

When asked why he cares so much for the environment, Tom replied, “My motto in life is simple; travel everywhere and leave nothing else but footprints’’.

About Tom

Tom de Waart first started shooting photos on his trips abroad. He soon realised that his passion had to go to the next level, so he purchased a full-frame DSLR. “My sister was telling me to buy one already way before that. I should have listened.” Starting off with landscape and travel photography as a hobby, nowadays, Tom is taking it to a professional level while running a shared events photography company in Hong Kong. He still likes to travel and shoot landscapes above anything else as it is in his roots. When asked if he would ever tire of his photographic pursuits, he replied, “Every trip I make I get motivated to see more and more.”